Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ride the Drive

I was going through some old photos and forgot all about this event. Ride the Drive is when they close some of the main streets in Madison and you can ride your bike all over the place on the streets. Many auto drivers hate this day for obvious reasons. One thing I like about Madison is that there is an extremely large, militant bike community that gets paths and other things done all around the city. I don't participate in any of the militancy, but at least get a benefit from it and all the tax dollars that I am paying.

I also like this post because it is from Summer, and we are oh so close to being done with Winter here. And it has been a long one.

Lance Armstrong made an appearance at this event, and I intentionally rode it after he showed up so I wouldn't be bothered by the crowds.

Here we have a shot of State Street.

All along the route they had different vendors set up. It was pretty cool, shop while you ride.

Madison and a shot of the John Nolen path that I use frequently in the Summer, from John Nolen Drive.

The John Nolen Drive causeway. One very cool thing was that we were also able to bike under the Monona Terrace convention center.

The Weinermobile even showed up!

Great stuff. I think they did this twice last year and it was pretty cool to tool around town on the closed streets. Like I said, I am sure anyone who wanted to get around by auto was pretty disappointed this day.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Ever run into Meade Althouse on the bike path?

Dude seems to be all over Madison these days.

24/7 : )

Dan from Madison said...

haha not yet but I am sure I will someday