Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ordinance Inducing

Recently I was out in the Western suburbs of Chicago visiting family when I saw this house. Apparently it was an addition added atop a garage that was once part of a larger house; they tore down the larger house as part of a renovation plan which apparently was abandoned in light of the current economic downturn.

Now what you have left is this mind-numbingly ugly thing that I guess you'd call a house. I call it ordinance inducing, meaning so bad that someone has got to be looking at this at city hall and trying to figure out how to stop something like this getting built next time. That is a high hurdle of ugliness to climb.


Anonymous said...

That's a GREAT looking garage to me.

Terry from Crown Point said...

I'm thinking, ask this old house (or old garage if you will). Who knows, there may be some AWOL Wisco politicians holed up in there.

Anonymous said...

Your pic popped up in an image search for "motorcycle lowers house chicago" and I just had to click to get a closer look at this picturesque old barn or coach house. De gustibus non disputandem est, they say. Yet, I have to say I find this structure charming -- a romantic little folly that we see far too little of these days. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my short scroll through the rest of your blog to find this image. :)