Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Disturbing And Annoying Signs

Warming up for the MLB season are the players, the coaches, the officials, the broadcasters down south and even fans like me up north.

Comcast Sports has been broadcasting spring training games since last week and I have already watched parts of two games and one whole White Sox game.

It was yesterday against San Diego when I noticed two men in the first row behind home plate holding signs. Nothing wrong with holding signs, fans do it all the time for whatever reason. Personally I find it hard to hold up a sign with a beer in one hand.

These two fans did not hold up signs in honor of their favorite player or team. They were not signs heckling the opposing players.

Each doosh was holding one sign. It was white with green hand lettering. When held together they read “Free Wisconsin”.

An inning or so later they turned the signs around and together they read “Teachers Rule”.

A few innings later they turned it back around. It could not be ignored while watching the game and it was a big distraction. It was obvious they were not watching the game since the signs covered their faces for long periods of time.

In all my years I have never seen any political messages held by fans in a ballpark or stadium, ever. That kind of crap just does not belong in a sporting venue.

This Wisco teacher union temper tantrum hissy-fit is like nothing I have ever witnessed. I may be wrong but what they are doing is not winning over many fans.

Is this something we may see more of this season? I have already written to the White Sox asking them to ban all signs behind the plate in view of the camera at home games.

Please do the same.


Dan from Madison said...

Geez Louise this crap will never end.

Have you seen the concentration camps and gulag organization we have set up for the teachers up here? It is pretty impressive. Oh wait, thats right, all they did was have to contribute a bit to insurance and take a slight hit on pay. Oh well, same difference.

Chris from milwaukee said...

First things first, I'm a fan of the new mast head. Before my wife and I bought our house she lived in a converted apt in the old blatz brewery. its now a beautiful condo community....way out of our price range and not dog friendly.

Anyway my point for the post is to share a few stories about the crazies up here in cheese head land. A local bank accused of supportingscott walker was vandalized two nights ago. One of the messages was eff the governor....classy.

I also spoke to a good friend of mine who teaches special ed at a local grade school...she told,me the union reps and fellow teachers are giving her flack for not spending her weekends in madison protesting. She said the attention they're paying to her lack of involvement has grown too the stage of discomfort. I can't imagine what would happen if they found out who she actually supports.

Terry from Crown Point said...

I'm afraid it's past temper tantrums on some personal levels. I've been included on some emails where some others are union members and they are not just illiterate but out of their skin scary. Before unions the companies would send out their goons to beat and sometimes kill organizing workers. Todays union members are the thugs and goons and the MSM is MIA. Arm or be harmed.

Dan from Madison said...

Terry - I would be interested to read those emails if you would be interested in sharing.

Trooper York said...

Hey they don't let signs or banners into Yankee staduim anymore.

Well except for Dollar signs. They are always welcome.