Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Lazarus Factor

My Apple PowerPC era desktop model died last Thursday. Or so I thought. It has been acting up for a few weeks. Being nearly 6 years old this does not surprise me.

Call me frugal but at this point in my life I do not buy something unless I need it badly or to replace an essential object that has failed.

Without the computer I planed on going out to the farm to walk in the woods and look for shed antlers, or something equally as mindless last weekend.

In the meantime I fiddled with it. The desktop was freezing for no reason even after restart. I could not move the open windows. I could scroll them but could not move them. On top of that, all my software applications launched but I could not make them function. Frustrating. After multiple restarts nothing would work properly, then it would freeze again.


My daughter is a very good MacOS troubleshooter. I always go to her with problems I cannot solve. When I installed the restore disk on startup I got the dreaded kernel panic message. She evaluated it as a hardware problem. It was O.P.D.. I agreed. Oh well.

But that did not stop me.

After fooling around for a few more hours and dozens of restarts I noticed one little tiny iddybiddy nuance. I could close windows using the command-w key on the keyboard but not using the mouse.

AMY! HEY, AMY! HELP! Do you have a spare mouse? She did. Without a restart I swapped out the mouse and..


It roared back to life.

The mouse click device had failed, NOT THE OS, CPU or motherboard. IT WAS THAT DAMN MOUSE ALL ALONG! W.T.F.?

All this proves is if you simply surrender, give up and walk away you may never find the solution to a problem. In this case the problem was grossly overlooked and as simple as making sure the damn thing was plugged in. Humbling, really.

Late Friday afternoon the dreaded call came in. It was a client who had a nice assignment IF I could work over the weekend here at home. After explaining my computer problems and that I may be working on a borrowed laptop for the weekend if needed, the client did not care. She was desperate. She was willing to take a chance with me since I have a special talent that she wants (no, not like that).

Late Friday night I began the client assignment on my Lazarus desktop but worked off an external hard drive so if the desktop went down any saved files would be easily transported to the borrowed laptop.

So here I sit with a fully functioning but aging desktop computer three days later. This week an order will be placed to make an upgrade. Bite the bullet, so to speak.

Until then my six year old Lazarus Mac PowerPC keeps chugging along. It will make a nice backup option to my shiny new Macbook Pro laptop as soon as I pull the trigger.

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Terry from Crown Point said...

Good for you! I took Your and Amy's advise and got the 15" MacBook Pro and I love it, love it love it. I've named it Walker w/ respect to the Guv of Wisco and the fact that I carry it all over the place.