Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Heavy Metal Morning

Early this morning I traveled to Michigan City IN. My mission was to stock up on chicken wings, which were on sale for 88¢ per pound in bulk at one grocery. Just filling up the freezer for the much anticipated “official” grilling season.

I loves me wings.

Whenever I happen to be in Michigan City a side trip to Lange’s Meat Market is always in order. I wrote about them here.

Lange’s is an authentic throwback meat market located in an old building with sawdust on the wood floor and a heavenly smoky aroma inside and out.

After buying a fistful of hot spicy beef sticks I walked outside and eyeballed these two old Hudson’s parked across the street. Nice.

They are both 1948 Hudson Commodores in very good shape.

Neither autos were in the top dollar, showroom shape category and I found that appealing.

Baby blue is not my favorite car color and neither is burgundy but the burgundy one caught my eye for another reason. It was a two door sedan, and very rare.

The burgundy Hudson had swirl marks on the paint but the chrome was in fine shape. Sure wish it was parked into the sun to show off the chrome sparkles for a tight photo.

When I was a very young kid there was an old abandoned 1948 Hudson Commodore with flat tires stuck hubcap deep in a sand pit hidden way out in the woods on the family farm.

It was lime green with a dark green transparent visor.

I remember it well.

That old Hudson was perforated with bullet holes.

Other than that I ain’t sayin’ nuttin’.

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