Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Grammys Get Something Right... and another Alice in Chains death

A while back I watched the Grammys. I really hadn't paid much attention to them since they picked Jethro Tull for best heavy metal album over what may have been the best metal album ever... "And Justice for All" by Metallica. Similar to what they do at the Oscars, every year the show lists the people that died and they had Ronnie James Dio along with that guy from the Knack who wrote one popular song (My Sharona) that was featured in Reality Bites. So what song do they play while Ronnie and that guy from the Knack are presented... of course it was "My Sharona". I may be odd but Dio-era Black Sabbath really grew on me; they aren't as good as the first few albums but were a lot better than most of the dreck out there.

But hey - the Grammys redeemed themselves - when Arcade Fire won for their album "The Suburbs". I like Arcade Fire a lot and this album (CD?) is great - I missed them at Lollapalooza last year but they played opposite the re-formed Soundgarden (photos here) and since Chris Cornell was in narcotic-free form, his voice was simply amazing, so I do not regret that choice one bit.

Finally it is too bad but the original bass player for Alice In Chains died. He played on their first two big albums (Facelift and Dirt, with Dirt being perhaps my favorite album of all time) along with the SAP EP but was kicked out before the third album (the one with the 3 legged dog on the cover). He is the 2nd member of Alice in Chains to die, since the singer Layne Staley died too (long after he fell into obscurity as a heroin addict).

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Dan from Madison said...

Indeed what little credit the grammys had was instantly vaporized when Tull won over And Justice for All, I remember it to this day.