Friday, March 04, 2011

Dangerous Icons At The Madison Spectacle

Some time ago Dan and I wrote on the blog about the significance of icons, logos if you will.

Dan (who has done an outstanding job recently covering the Madison spectacle) had put up his opinion about the new logo for the Big Ten conference. I followed up with my speculation on how they arrived at said turd.

Back to the Madison Spectacle. What disturbed me more than the professional protesters who were shipped in to create visual havoc, more than teachers who walked off their jobs to ‘fight for the children’ and even more than the cowardly senators who ran away from their responsibilities and went on a cheap motel hot tub vacation in Illinois were the icons and logos associated with organized labor held by protesters.

Not long ago icons such as these were as dreaded as swastikas. These are socialist / communist icons being held and displayed proudly by Madison protesters. There is pure evil hiding behind that icon.

Please understand who we are dealing with here. On the left is the icon for the AFL-CIO Wisconsin chapter and on the right is the icon for International Socialism. Note the similarities.

I believe most dues paying union members have no clue who is running their union and in most cases, probably do not care. The inherent greed in union workers blinds them to what their leadership is doing with their money. Union dues are supporting far left causes and politicians and the members either don’t know or don’t care. How sad is that?

It would be safe to say these icons are anti-American symbols and the people who display them are enemies of America and the American way of life.

If the public union workers are looking for sympathy they won’t find it here. They can find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

Know your enemies, they walk amongst us and teach your children.


Sk8 said...

US unions started dying after Upton Sinclair. They are now a sick caricature of Jimmy Hoffa and sloth.

Dan from Madison said...

The peaceful protesters who caused millions of dollars of damage to the capitol building and grounds had lots of signs with fists on them, a violent symbol right out of the gate.

There was plenty of socialist signs and literature there, and nobody seemed to mind.

Dan from Madison said...

Gerry - I was there again today and the fist signs are more plentiful, sadly.