Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crappy (Mostly) Beer Update

From my favorite get-a-laugh "Drinking Made Easy" TV show - a line up of Dan's nightmare bar choices.

Since I live very close to Binny's or "The Toy Store" I am able to select one-off beers from everywhere. This was an Italian pilsner (who new such a thing existed) and it was very good, called Re-Ale Extra. The beer came with an interesting bottle cap that I am attempting to close up on in the photo that provided a superior seal which is probably why it had a great head out of the bottle; not an expert but this wasn't something I had encountered previously.

Hey if you are laid up on St. Patrick's day - the green beer comes to you! Yum miller lite.

Finally - I love this marketing by Keystone Light which per my contacts at the near-21 set tells me that this is the go to beer at college on a price per buzz basis - they say that the case contains thirty "STONES". Ha ha ha love that.


Dan from Madison said...

holy sh!t, we have come full circle from the Stroh's thirty packs that we used to consume, now the collej kids are back to getting thirty packs.

I should add that I have eight new challengers for the second version of the crappy beer challenge liked up, and my wife facepalmed herself when she saw those delicious king cans start appearing in the garage fridge.

Dan from Madison said...

liked up? How about lined up.