Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bizarro World Marketing Decision

Earlier this week I did a post about the signs I saw at the capitol. I wanted to embed the video of Tesla doing "Signs" and made a joke about how they are the official band of this blog. I embedded the video into the post but it wasn't working. Instead I provided a link. Here is the embed just so you can see it:

When I made the original post you would see that the video could not be played, and a message stated that the video contains content from "x" entertainment and to watch it on YouTube.

I had to laugh.

*As of this writing the embed above seems to be working but we will see on that.*

Now I get the point where you may (may) want to drive traffic to a certain video that might be new or faddish to get advertising revenue from YouTube/Google. But a twenty one year old Tesla song? Really?

I would think that you would want to make stale/old/crappy material as available as possible in the slight chance that someone would see it and perhaps buy the single on iTunes or some other service. In the music bizarro world, is Tesla really worth restricting? I mean we aren't talking about the Stones here, this is TESLA.

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