Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Wants and Needs

When I was growing up a friend of mine had parents who were very aware of architecture and design. They lived in a Walter Burley Griffin house and had a swivel chair that I was always fascinated by with a matching ottoman.

Of course it is an Eames Chair and ottoman by Herman Miller. These chairs are typically around $4000 each and never really go on sale.

I recently did sit and swivel for a bit in one at Room and Board. It is a very comfortable and cool chair.

But alas this is clearly a WANT and not a NEED. I recently spent less than $100 for a leather office chair at Office Depot that works fine; it replaces a hideous one that I had bought for about $40 maybe 10 years ago. The Eames chair and ottoman would also take up a lot of space in our condo which works against it, as well.

I admire the fact that Herman Miller is able to sell this chair for such a high price and avoid discounting. I even started looking a bit on ebay but it wasn't much cheaper there although it is very interesting that they sell chairs back to the 1970's and can cite the official number from the manufacturer as reference.

Maybe someday...

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