Saturday, February 05, 2011

Strange Law Randomly Applied

On the way home today I stopped at a liquor store and four convenience stores to start gathering candidates for the next crappy beer challenge.

At the convenience stores I found one unique king can at each place. At the first one the guy started putting my treasure into a paper sack and I told him that was OK, I didn't need a bag. He said he had to bag it.

At the next convenience store the same thing happened. I told the girl I didn't need a bag, and she said it was a law that she had to bag it. I asked her if she knew why and she said that supposedly it is a deterrent to people opening the beer in their cars. Uh yea.

At the third convenience store, same thing. One king can, she started to bag it. For kicks I told her that I didn't need a bag. She said OK and handed me the can and the change. Next.

Pretty bizarre. This have never happened to me when buying a sixer.


Overload in Colorado said...

Not sure if it's available out there, but please try to add Steel Reserve to the challenge. Here it's $1 a bomber.

Overload in Colorado said...

Also, try to find the Walgreens house brew, Big Flats, selling for $3 for a six pack.

Dan from Madison said...

I didn't see the Steel Reserve but I think I need to get the Walgreens house brew on the challenge. Need to do a bit of research on it to find out who is brewing it too. The new rage in the king can is these highly fortified "beers", some of them 12% abv. Made the conscious decision to not put those on the challenge.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Here in Indiana they passed a law last year that required a photo I.D. to buy alcohol, anyone and everyone. Even your 90 year old granny had to present I.D.

When I went to a liquor store to buy grenadine I had to present I.D. Ice? I.D., as long as it was from a liquor store.

I don't mind, but a lot of customers took it out on the clerks, I saw it. Some folks got nasty at first.

Last week the repeal law passed the house and senate. Mitch should sign it in this week.

Think I'll have another one : )

Dan from Madison said...

Brother, ID EVERYONE? Glad that is getting struck down. We don't have that here, but I did get carded at one C Store, guess I look 20 to at least one clerk.