Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday Night at the Protest, Part One

Saturday, February 19 I decided to go down to the capitol building here in Madison to see what was going on. Just in case, I armed myself with things that I am legally allowed to carry concealed.

Collapsable baton courtesy of James.

The following photos and video were taken a few hours after the enormous protests and counter protests of earlier on this day. Crowds were estimated at 70k. When I got there, the place was pretty quiet. It is about 8pm. Here is a video of the outside. I approached the wrong door. They had two doors of the building opened.

Here is what I found when I found the correct entrance. This video is very telling, for two reasons. The first is that the place had a lot of people in it, but I was able to easily walk right up to the center of the demonstrations. Secondly, well I will wait until you view the video for my second point.

Notice anything? Almost every single one of the normal looking adults in the place were simply standing and observing. Not holding signs, not yelling, clapping, nothing. Almost every single one of the people yelling, drumming and on the bullhorn were one of two types of people: college kids, or dead enders.

What a sorry display this is. More in the coming days.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Interesting videos.

Do they go to some sort of "school" where they learn those idiot chants about "justice"?

A bunch of kids and dead enders with nothing to do.

Good for you for just walking in there and checking it out.

Probably if this happened in Chicago with our unions there would be much more mayhem.

Dan from Madison said...

Carl, I doubt it. This is after prime time hours. From what I have heard, the teachers and other professionals are there during the day, and the college kids and partiers are there on the non prime hours. I bet this holds true in almost any demonstration.

Dan from Madison said...

I should add in the second video it appears that the black woman is inserting ear plugs. Definitely needed.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Having been to anti-war protests in the late 60's this scene is nothing new. Students and dead-enders show up for an event, a party. They're looking to hook-up or get la!d and cop a buzz, nothing more. They have no clue as to why this is even happening and they really don't care.

James R. Rummel said...

"Collapsable baton courtesy of James."

I am so glad you have a use for it. Besides bashing in the skulls of rabid raccoons down on the farm, that is.

Dan from Madison said...

Bigger problem with foxes than raccoons but same difference.

sk8 said...

Need a batton cam if anything went wrong. might show some good shots and back you in court that the use was provoked,