Saturday, February 26, 2011

Protesters Disrespect War Memorial

One of the first things I did when I went to the capitol building last Saturday was make a beeline to the war memorial that we have in there. I was pleased that it had not been touched. Nor was the replica of the Liberty Bell. Sadly, via Ann Althouse, this is no longer the case.

Ann Althouse and her husband do a great job of letting these azzholes have it.

I am going down there today after work. If these materials are not removed completely and fully from the war memorial, they are going to get a piece of my mind and I will then take that shit down myself.


Sk8 said...

Do it DFM, make sure they didn't spill any bong water on it either.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Unbelievable, why is it t-partiers are portrayed as evil and violent and these wastes are just protesters? One side of me wants this to go the distance, as I feel that more peoples eyes are opening to the unfairness that is taking place.

Dan from Madison said...

Terry - right now it is a cage match of epic proportions. One side will win, one side will lose, there doesn't seem to be any compromise.

I went to the capitol again yesterday and it is completely trashed, you won't believe the photos and video I will be showing in the next few days. The war memorial now has the stuff taken down off of it, but there is still a bunch of trash and sh1t stacked up against it on the back side. I was disgusted but didn't say anything to the losers.