Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changes At The Gym

I mentioned a while ago that the gym is moving. I am much better about it now then I was before. Their overhead will be reduced by a large amount. Most importantly for me they are cancelling the kids programs. I hate those kids. I go to the gym to work, but the work relaxes me. Hearing those little sh!ts screaming and yelling bothered me.

The new facility will be a shared place. We will be sharing space with an established local trainer, and will get access to the training equipment there. So members will get 24 hour access to treadmills, weights, and other top notch training equipment, as well as the bags and pads and other things that our gym will bring.

Along with this comes a new strengh coach for me. Sharing overhead for these two businesses is good, and I am sure that they will be sharing clients.

I lose my boot camp at the current gym, but with that money I was paying, I can have private sessions with the fitness instructors at the new place. Apparently they are experts at structuring workouts toward certain sports so this will be great to get a different perspective on strength training as relates to my running and biking. Biking especially, with my trip to France coming in just a little over four months.

So it will be sad to leave the old gym and I am sure some of the current clients will drop out, but new faces and new perspectives are always great too.

To boot, the class times have changed so I will be able to get back into coaching and training fighters (pro and amateur), one of the things I was missing for the past six months or so.

We have a new batch of insane young men that want to step into the squared circle - some of them look like diamonds in the rough and I am looking forward to being a part of getting them into fighting shape. Fighters are weird. One day we have nobody interested in fighting, the next day a half dozen want to fight. Sort of like waves on a beach.

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