Friday, January 21, 2011

Violence Will Likely Occur at This Bears Game

Soldier Field is a small NFL stadium, at about 62,000 fans. There are 2 sides to the stadium, the east side (closest to the lake) which is essentially a giant sports bar where you can walk from your seats inside to sit down and watch flat screen TV's and get a bloody mary or whatever.

Then there is the west side of the stadium. This is where the cheap non PSL seats reside, and ticket prices are about 1/3 of the face value of the other side. This is where Dan and I and our lucky guests reside.

There is nowhere to warm up on this side of the stadium, except for the bathrooms, and I can tell you that they are none too glamorous this time of year and since men will outnumber women 50-1 at this game the men's washrooms will be completely packed to the rafters.

Since I have never been in the east side I can't say but I can affirm that in my 50+ Bears games attended on the west side the fans get pretty drunk. We don't have too many fans from the opposing team and they usually get mercilessly heckled, except for one time the Steelers came on opening day and it completely sucked because these idiot Steeler fans kept personally taunting the Bears (saying stuff like Cutler needs a candy bar) and Dan was showered with three full cups of beer that were meant for these dopes that landed on him, instead (somehow I stayed dry). This game must have been some sort of metaphysical test for Dan because as any casual reader of the blog knows Dan can fight like a MF and even I could have stomped on these particular dweebs and one of them even said stuff pretty much right to Dan's face which just prompted Dan to get up and go down to get a beer or get out of there before he literally killed the guy. If the Steelers would have won that day (the Bears pulled it out in the last second) I do think that many celebrating Steelers fans would have gotten stomped right there and then since they were seriously outnumbered, seriously drunk, and seriously obnoxious.

If any tickets are going to be sold in significant numbers to the Packer fans they are going to be the ones in the west side, since every time we sit in one of our 2 groups of 2 seats we see new people around, meaning that probably they go up on stub hub or ebay or whatever every week. And the Packers fans are going to be willing to pay and show up in large numbers.

So let's go through some scenarios:
1) It's a blowout, either way. In this case the excitement will drain out of the drunks and probably this leads, paradoxically, to the least amount of conflict
2) It's a close game, and the Bears win. In this case the Bears fans will shout and the Packers fans will shout back but since they will be a bit broken by the loss likely only scattered fights
3) It's a close game, and the Packers win. Here is where violence breaks out everywhere. The seats are stuffed until the last seconds, everyone is keyed up, and then the Pack starts to celebrate the NFC title right there in the Bears' house. This is when it is just going to go nuts, as people 3x the legal limit just jump on each other and security of course won't even get there for 20 minutes and when they do they will be totally outgunned. As it is they need 6 guys in red jackets to take out 2 tame guys I don't know how they can do anything the moment the game is done and it all goes down

Just wait for the news stories on this one if #3 occurs... and probably #2 as well. Heck, even #1 will have a few.


Dan from Madison said...

I have been running this over in my head as well, I am thinking this will be the most brief Halas trophy presentation in history if the Pack wins it in the last second.

My observations are that if the opposing fans are respectful - cheer for their team, don't boo the bears and be polite they usually end up OK. BUT the second they start taunting bad things happen. And VERY bad things will happen at this game in scenario 3 if people are taunting during the game.

I would recommend Packer fans let everyone file out instead of exiting in the horde after the trophy presentation.

I agree, the blowout scenario will yield the most violence. But the pushed back 2pm start time will add fuel to the violence quotient (i.e. boozing time).

Dan from Madison said...

Bah I meant the blowout will yield the least amount of violence.

Mark said...

I would assume you guys have been to a few Packer/Bear games in Chicago. How do the Packer fans behave relative to fans from other teams at a normal game? Any teams have particularly obnoxious fans?

Dan from Madison said...

I have been to a lot of game and I think the Steeler fans were the worst I have seen. You are typically OK like I said if you aren't an asshole and totally drunk. The two go together of course.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Having been to many Bear v. Packer games over my thirty years I would say Packer fans have been in a small minority, polite, and smell like a combination of limburger, cheap brandy and lutefisk.

This game could be different. There may be more Packer fans in attendance, intensifying the stench : )