Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Social Misfits And Wisconsin Oddities

First, special thanks to Dan for selling his Bears playoff tix to me and the bro. Best loss I ever attended. The parking lot entertainment did not disappoint.

These Packer fans seemed to be as interested in one guy’s bratwurst as they were in drinking.

When initially offered the tickets my first instinct was to decline. To me, the best games all season are the NFL conference championships and best watched at home in front of a fire with the grill close and the canarble wagon closer while watching two full playoff games, the replays and all that pre and post game hype. That sounds more appealing to me.

On the drive home after the Seattle beatdown the bro talked me into going. Packers and Bears…Packers and Bears…he repeated. He was right. We were all in by Monday.

Mid-winter tailgating presents some challenges. Cold beer outdoors in January is not going to cut it for me like spicy Bloody Mary’s would. Some like brandy or schnapps. But I’ll go for a cocktail anytime. With ice, of course.

Warm food tends to get cold fast outdoors in temps below 40 degrees. We try to cook items on the grill quickly and in small batches, or comfort food in a pot, like gumbo or chili and let it be self-serve. For that, one needs propane or butane burners. Pots and pans are a b!tch to tote and clean but it’s simple and smart in cold weather. And delicious.

What’s not to like about this t-shirt?

Tailgating last Sunday took a back seat to people watching in the parking lot. All the food work was done Saturday, all we needed to do was to pack it and warm it on Sunday.

What a surprise it was for me to be in the most civil and orderly tailgate lot I ever experienced other than Notre Dame. There were Packer fans and Bear fans living together in harmony. Seriously.

Packer fan tailgating (pregame) behavior was very interesting for this elderly amateur anthropologist with a camera.

I was on the hunt for Drunk Bear Fans. The ones worthy of a photo. I had only one, a guy urinating between cars. There was a lot of yellow snow in that lot.

All the parking lot port-a-potties had colors that matched the Green Bay Packers uniforms. I can only hope that was intentional.

Then there was what seemed to be the slimmest female Packer fan I have ever seen enjoying herself just a few yards away wearing an embroidered “Ice Bowl 1967” jacket.

She was very friendly.

These two came by.

Woah. We now have lot lizards in the Soldier Field parking lot. For those who don’t know the term ‘lot lizard’ is trucker speak for truckstop prostitutes.

These two represented a local 'peeler bar’ (that’s a Canadian term for strip joint).

My guess is that the one on the right was legal because she spoke good English while the poor creature on the right was totally no habla. Her task was to simply hand out free lapdance discount coupons. It is what it is.

Finally my favorite snapshot of the day was of this guy.

I had to take a leak after the first quarter. The lower level was not crowded. This guy walks by and had no recourse but to allow me to capture this pathetic image since his hands were full or $30 worth of rotten Chicago Park District stadium food and swill.

All he needed was some tin foil and a propeller on top of…whatever the he!! that crap is on his head.

OOPS, I almost forgot, there was an NFC Championship game going on that day.

After winning the coin toss our idiot head coach, playing at home, decided to kick off to an opposing team with the hottest offense in the NFL. He spotted his opponent a quick seven points instead of allowing his stellar special team the opportunity of returning the kick for points of our own.

All I can say is Go Steelers.


Carl from Chicago said...

Great post! I like the photos a lot they bring back the most fun part, the tailgate.

You didn't show a photo of that one family that had the aluminum siding up as the backsplash on their grill.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Best loss I ever saw, too. Thanks Dan, and I MEAN that!
Carl, you are so right about the aluminum siding backsplash and the tailgate. Remember, the folks with the backsplash actually didn't have tickets for the game.....they came only to tailgate - so I think that meant that they had a pass for the Adler lot, but no tics for the game. Wild!! Thanks to you too, Gerry. I try to never pass on an NFL game. Despite the outcome, it was a great time. Dare I say, Go Steelers! There's gonna be a whole lot of yellow going on in that game.