Saturday, January 22, 2011

Restaurants Around River North

Blue 13 is a restaurant in River North. It is on Ontario kind of tucked away past the on-ramp for the Kennedy, near the giant Reza's restaurant. I took Dan there when he was in town recently and he was wowed by their food, which is great because he has high standards (unlike me).

I had rabbit from their new winter menu and it was fantastic. Previously I got their "steak and eggs on acid" pretty much because of the awesome title, and it also is much better than it sounds. I also recommend their unique gin that they sell called Ransom Old Tom Gin which has fruit flavors and is completely unlike anything that you'd expect in the way of gin. Finally, their desserts are great I like the "coffee and donuts" which can't really be described here and a friend of mine who is an expert in sweets liked their vanilla ice cream so much (it was part of a pie a la mode) that he half-jokingly wanted to buy a gallon from them. They also have a great beer selection and the entire night is reasonably priced (for River North). Highly recommended please patronize them so that they stay open and around.

Moe's Cantina recently opened in a cavernous building off Kinzie near the Merchandise Mart. I did not know what to expect since they also own some other giant bars / restaurants near Wrigleyville that are hit-or-miss or fine during game day but you wouldn't go there otherwise.

When I first went in there were a group of four young women in their 20's and an order of tequila shots came for the table and one of them shouted "I love shots!" which probably will be her mating call later that night. The place was packed and with brick walls and high flat ceilings I figured I would be deafened in a giant bar.

Actually I was completely wrong. The restaurant was very professionally run we had a reservation and they showed us to the table and the food was excellent and reasonably priced. It was quite the "scene" they are into skewers which I didn't have but are hung on your table kind of like those gyro meat things that turn but with a much better presentation. I was pleasantly surprised but wouldn't go there without a reservation because it is nuts. There were flat screen TV's along all the walls with the Bulls game on it would be a good place to see a game. If you are over 30 or so you will feel like you are the oldest person in there but heck, that's life and if you don't like it move to the 'burbs.

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