Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New, New Year Tradition

Traditions do not happen until they are initiated and repeated. It's never too late to begin one.

Last year we received a gift of yeasted malt waffle mix and pure maple syrup. These waffles were so good I wrote about them. Thanks to the bro, we have some again this year. This will be the official annual New Year’s Day brunch from now on here at the country bunker. It's a treat, not something we make any old day of the year.

The mix must sit and allowed to rise for an hour and a half after adding eggs, cream, yeast and butter.

This maple syrup is not like the stuff you find on your grocer’s shelf, at least not at my local grocery, but I am sure the trendy upscale food stores in Chicago stock it. I think bottle this came from Williams-Sonoma.

Real vanilla beans floating in the sweetness add a nice flavor.

If you have never tried real maple syrup it is very thin and ultra sweet so you don't need much. Commercial brands like to portray their syrup as thick because it is usually loaded with adjuncts meant to increase their viscosity.

A yeasted waffle brunch would not be complete without bacon and some eggs cooked in the rendered bacon fat.


A sidebar: the finest bacon is sold under the Farmland label. Farmland Hickory Smoked Bacon. Don't waste money on so called 'gourmet' bacon costing upwards of $8 per pound. Been there, done that. We have tried dozens of bacon brands and Farmland is by far the very best. It's also low in price. This was confirmed years later in a taste test conducted by Cook's Illustrated Magazine, so I must be doing something right.

Tomorrow it’s back to the more mundane wintertime weekend breakfast, French toast and homemade Bloody Mary’s. C’mon back tomorrow and I will post my recipe for the world’s best Bloody Mary. It comes from the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan. It was stolen obtained by a friend of a friend who spent time as a bartender there.

Nothing like savoring the first Bloody Mary of the New Year!


Dan from Madison said...

Hey I never thought about a vanilla bean in my maple, I am going to do that right now. Real maple syrup is the bomb, no Mrs. Butterworths in this house, ever.

Dan from Madison said...

by the way are those eggs poached?

Gerry from Valpo said...

Eggs were cooked in the rendered bacon fat over low heat..