Thursday, January 13, 2011

Borrowing Dan's Crappy Beer Challenge

I was wasting some time surfing through channels last night when I stumbled upon a show named "Drinking Made Easy" and they were touring Milwaukee. The host went into a bar that had a wide variety of beers on tap and available and basically made a bet with the bartender / owner that he couldn't tell his FAVORITE bad beer from the other bad beers in a blind taste test.

It is Dan's Crappy Beer Challenge! You saw it here first!

Mmmmm mmmmm look at the beers that they have to choose from. At first I thought my color was bad but that is PBR Light so it is just blue not red and blue.

And in this second photo you can see that they had the same effect that Dan's had - the beers, when poured into a glass, have no head whatsoever. Yum.


Dan from Madison said...

Hey, those are some good ones. If you recall Milwaukees Best Ice (your photo is just plain ol' Milwaukees Best) did make the final four although that may have been a product of the beers that it was up against. I would assume it would BLOW AWAY all of those other losers in this small test.

Carl from Chicago said...

I think actually the guy said that he could tell his favorite (lousy) beer from the lot of them so it wasn't technically a crappy beer challenge. He failed.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying this blog, but Mighty Mouse hasn't comsumed beer in quite awhile. I do remember that someone gave me a Rolling Rock and stating it was a good beer I thoght not. Out of PA. , yes?

Mighty Mouse