Sunday, January 02, 2011

Another Bloody Mary Morning

This day seems right for conjuring up a fresh batch of my homemade Bloody Mary mix. I have my reasons.

It’s cold outside. The sun is shining. The fire is already going. The Bears are playing the Green Bay Peckers today at 3:15. This day ends in a ‘Y’.

And, I am making a couple of pizzas that will be ready at halftime.

There are some very good pre-made Bloody Mary mixes on the market but Mr. & Mrs. T’s is not one of them. Zing Zang is a good one. I see on the internets that Tabasco has one offered but I have not tried it.

Here’s my favorite recipe. I am told it was stolen obtained by a friend of a friend who worked as a bartender at The Four Seasons restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I have had the pleasure of dining there once on business.

2 cans V-8 (picante or tangy flavor is preferred)
1/3 c worchestershire (whasdishere) sauce
1 T Tabasco
1 T celery salt
juice from 2 limes
1T fresh ground black pepper
horseradish to taste, fresh is best
3 cubes beef bullion dissolved in water

Be very careful with the horseradish.

I have garnished this drink with traditional celery and lime but have enjoyed it with any combination of pickled asparagus, pickled okra, a hot & spicy stringbean, along with crabmeat chunks and/or shrimp on a long skewer. Specialty stores are best for finding pickled spiced and seasoned veggies. Is this healthy or what??? Creativity is encouraged. A Bloody Mary could damn well be called brunch in a glass : )

This mix is definitely better than it has to be and is much more better than good. Enjoy!


Sk8 said...

too easy:

Sk8 said...

This blog needs the youtube linky preview. Just sayin, ask DFM.

Jacob Ward said...

I think that's Worcestershire (wust-er-sheer). We like our place names to be as confusing to foreigners as possible!