Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amateur For Dan

Over here at the blog the masthead used to say that we "Shill for nobody" and that still holds true but we can always recommend stuff we like or find hilarious. This one is from the "World's Dumbest" series over at Tru TV (used to be Court TV) which are about the funniest things on TV, IMHO.

In this video some drunken Irish tourist gets in the ring with an actual professional and the pro lets him get some shots in before he gets angry and it comes to a predictable conclusion. The video calls them "kickboxers" but I'll leave it up to Dan to tell me what really is going on. All I know is that it is pretty funny.


Dan from Madison said...

Hey, was that Tonya Harding at the end?

Anyways, what a nut that guy is. They say you can get anything you want in some places and Thailand is one of those places - and I guess anything includes a fight with a professional Muay Thai fighter. Honestly the fighter was taking it quite easy on the guy as he didn't give him too many knees or elbows in the clinch and refrained from kicking the guy in the head - it could have been much, much worse.

Another thing the Thai could have done is "shellcracked" the guy, which is just repeatedly kicking him over and over in the sides - even if you block these kicks they eventually wear you out and eventually you can get broken ribs/arms, etc.

I wouldn't mind sparring with a guy like that someday if we both knew I was only in it to score, not damage.

Dan from Madison said...

Ugh and no headgear.

Carl from Chicago said...

That was definitely Tonya Harding. For the "world's dumbest" series they have the lowest of low brow commentators including Tanya Harding, Leif Garrett, that guy Willis from Diff'rent strokes, and Danny Bonaduche. They also have some pretty funny "regular" comics that I never heard of. Also I like the dubbed voices over the videos obviously that guy isn't really talking in a drunken Irish brogue.

But BOY was that guy insane getting in the ring with that fighter.