Sunday, November 14, 2010

Out of the Comfort Zone...Again

The gym has done something novel for the last three months of the year.

Attendance at the gym suffers over the holidays, especially in November and December for obvious reasons. As a matter of fact the gym always closes the last two weeks of the year for cleaning, remodeling if needed, and to basically give everyone's bodies a rest from the pounding we receive all year. It is a good break.

Previous years we would have tests in Muay Thai, JKD, BJJ and MMA (yes, we have a MMA curriculum) in May/June and sometime in November. Always twice a year.

This year they backed up the tests to late April/Early May and late September. October, November and December are what they have deemed "adult summer". Adult summer is basically going to be random topics, chosen by the instructors. All classes are forced to cross martial arts. The BJJ guys have to do standup, the JKD guys have to kickbox (well, they do anyways, but they have to stick to MT rules) etc. We are also doing fundamentals. Lots and lots of fundamentals in our arts.

In MT class, instead of soldiering forward in a curriculum we have gotten back to basics. We spent a whole week on tightening up our kicking. It helped me immensely.

Last week was self defense. In these classes we were taught some of Paul Vunak's RAT (Rapid Assault Tactics) system, as well as some submission holds and a bit of BJJ. Honestly I don't like any of this, especially the rolling, but it is GOOD for me to do things I don't like. I used to not like running either.

I think it was a brilliant idea for the gym to do the adult summer. People don't feel as guilty for missing a class or two here an there (I have had to skip some due to job and family responsibilities) and we trained very hard this year. It is a nice time for all of us to decompress a bit, joke around and actually have fun, rather than doing the intense training that we are all used to. There are a lot more smiles around and that is great.


Carl from Chicago said...

I was just watching "That Metal Show" on VH1 and they had Phil Collen the guitarist from Def Leppard and he is in good shape apparently he trains all the time in Muay Thai

Dan from Madison said...

If you train Muay Thai all the time you will be in shape - anaerobically. You still need the aerobic piece (running, biking, etc.) for good all around fitness. But if he is exercising regularly in any fashion he is ahead of 99.99% of the populus.