Saturday, October 09, 2010

He Would Have Been 70 Today.

Today was one of life’s milestones to me. I grew up during rampant Beatlemania.

Yes, I did watch The Beatles first appearance live on the Ed Sullivan Show with my family that Sunday night after dinner. I was in 5th grade at the time. None of us were very impressed. Maybe it was because of the small, primitive black & white Zenith CRT and lack of home theatre surround sound.

As time went on and they caught fire just about everyone had a favorite Beatle. Mine was John Lennon, who would have been 70 today. Damn.

In the 60’s you could not avoid hearing about or seeing The Beatles phenomenon everywhere you went. Girls wore pins, carried Beatles handbags and wore the ‘I Love The Beatles’ apparel that sold as fast as it was placed on the shelf. Guys wore Beatle boots, yes I had a pair. Soon suits like they wore were showing up on the hipper guys at Sunday morning mass. And there were those haircuts. That Beatle haircut angered every uncle I had. That's for pussies, they claimed.

That didn't stop me from seeing hard A Day's Night and HELP! in the local movie theatres when they were originally released. Young girls screaming ruined watching them.

The influence The Beatles had not just on pop culture but on all music to follow and society as a whole has never been matched by anyone anywhere before or since. Sorry, Wacko Jacko fans. Brian Epstein was an entertainment marketing genius, his strategies and tactics are being copied to this day. The Beatles changed the fabric of why things are the way they are today from the media to entertainment to marketing to politics. It was their creativity that inspired me, not musically but artistically. Album cover designs of the time made me want to create colorful images for profit. It led to a very rewarding and prosperous career, thank you very much.

I always gave credit to John for being the smartest Beatle. That all went to hell when he married that oriental witch-hag.

Never being a fan of peace and love hippieness I liked the music and paid little attention to what the words meant and never took them seriously but John could sure string them together well. Unlike most musical phenoms, The Beatles got better with time.

When The Beatles broke up it became obvious that John Lennon and George Harrison were by far the most talented. Paul McCartney? Not so much in my opinion. Paul could sh!t on a paper plate (he did), call it music and it would sell because women loved him. When he showed up singing to Oblahblah’s wife in the White House recently I gagged bigtime.

Both Lennon and McCartney were credited with writing the music but it was easy to tell which one had the most influence on any given tune. McCartney wrote the sappy stuff and John wrote the more clever and creative tunes.

As strange luck would have it I was also watching the Monday Night Football game when Howard Cosell announced that Lennon had been shot in Manhattan.

Music legends like Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin died due to their own excess, ignorance and stupidity. Lennon was murdered in cold blood by a psycho.

The two youtubes embedded here are among my favorite Lennon tunes.

Yes, Mother Superior jumped the gun.

What a pity. What a loss.


Carl from Chicago said...

I do like Magical Mystery Tour with my favorites being I am the Walrus and also Strawberry Fields Forever.

In those Beatles CD's that came out with outtakes there is a cool version of "I am the Walrus" with just John Lennon's take before they added the orchestra and it is fantastic.

The Beatles songs do take you away to another place.

Agreed with a lot of Paul but he did have some great post Beatle songs here and there. Don't forget that Lennon had some crappy post Beatle CD's too. But in general I agree that Lennon was the better of the two.

Chris from Colorado said...

'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.' - John Lennon

Yoko brought performance art to a new low level. One of her public performance pieces consisted of speakers playing the sounds of live microphones from public restrooms.

Weekdays, I wake up to 'Good Morning Good Morning' - Watching the skirts you start to flirt now you're in gear.