Saturday, September 18, 2010

Muay Thai Update

I made a comment over at James's place and it sort of morphed into this post. I haven't done a post on MT in a long time so this works well for me.

James linked a piece that another blogger did about self defense. It was a series of photos of what to do if assaulted by a ruffian in the street. I liked the photos and text always being a history buff, but certainly could see myself using different techniques to defend myself than the ones pictured. In fact, I mentioned that I might not have any choice at this point. When placed in certain positions, techniques and counters just flow out of my body now. I have been doing Muay Thai for 3.5 years now straight, and when I see certain punches, kicks or other things my body just reflexively reacts.

Add to this the fact that I am in absolutely supreme condition and I pretty much fear no man who is unarmed, besides the lunatics at my gym. Even if a mugger was getting the better of me right out of the gate, my cardio will take over, I will wear him out, and he will pay the price.

I am not bragging or trying to thump my chest, just putting down the way it is. My first and best techniques for self defense are situational awareness and running. Getting the hell out of there. But if backed into a corner, I am pretty confident in my abilities against most unarmed offenders.

I know you don't want to get kicked with this.
Not too many others do, either.

In fact I have noticed that I am hitting the pads so hard now that I have to ease up when paired up with a female partner - I was knocking some of them around pretty good.

I have another test in a few weeks and I am really ready for this one. After that I will be a brown sash. Then all that is left is to be a brown sash level two, brown sash level three, and black sash. That will take about two more years. If I stay on schedule I will more than likely be only the third or fourth black sash at the gym. That will be a proud day, although I have discussed before the insignificance of rank in traditional Muay Thai.

The other day I was thinking of where I will go from there and I am pretty sure that I will be teaching a beginners MT class. I want to share and spread the knowledge of one of the sports that I love. And it is so rewarding to see people get confidence and get in shape most importantly. Not to mention acquiring a decent self defense toolbox.


Carl from Chicago said...

That's you kicking in the photo, isn't it?

James R. Rummel said...

"James linked a piece that another blogger did about self defense."

Actually, it is an English translation of a self defense manual that was put out by a French la savate expert back in 1922.

What was physical fitness like back then? There were people who were in shape, most certainly. But fighting malnutrition was more important than working out, I would think.

Dan from Madison said...

Carl - yes that is me.

james - yea, I guess I wasn't exactly crystal clear on the writing of the post.

You make a good point about physical fitness back them.

Jason Azze said...

I'd strongly suggest reading Rory Miller's Meditations on Violence if you believe that your martial arts training will immediately serve you well in a self defense situation. A lot has to happen before your training can be applied.

Check out what Rory writes in his "Seven Circles" series of blog posts for and idea of what he's getting at.

Dan from Madison said...

Interesting reading and I don't doubt any of it but can't really speak to it since I am certainly not an expert in that field.

I just have to do my best if presented with a certain situation.

And I know that I am better off now that I am in shape and know how to throw a punch, elbow, knee or kick than when I was out of shape and didn't know how to use those techniques.