Monday, September 27, 2010

Gunstock III – Fire When Ready

The 3rd annual LITGM Gunstock firearm event was held last Sunday. It keeps getting bigger and better each year and I could have not been more pleased. It was a unique experience being with a league of extraordinary gentlemen for one day.

On Friday my visiting house guest, old friend Chris from Colorado, drove to the farm with me to set up the target boards. A big thanks to Chris for helping me dig those post holes and providing tons of laffs. Chris came the furthest to attend Gunstock with Dan being the second.

My son Andy paid a visit and attended Gunstock III with the intent of shopping around for his personal protection equalizer by sampling the many fine handguns set out on the table Sunday morning. Where else could he do this?

I told Andy he would have the opportunity to hold and fire a wider array of handguns in more sizes and calibers than he will find in any gun store display case. It was all that and more.

Everyone shares. Shoot this, shoot that and have a blast. Name a caliber or a brand and it was probably on one of the tables. Most of the guys bring it all.

Yes, that's really a Toyota Prius on the right. We did not insult the guest, it would have been bad JuJu. Besides, having a hippiemobile added to the Woodstock spoof for me.

We had mechanical clay launchers for scattergun enthusiasts. Some clays actually broke before hitting the ground. The best I saw was Scott hitting nine in a row before missing one, someone correct me if I am wrong.

Andy eyes a moving target.

A special thanks goes out to the bro for grocery shopping and handling the outdoor kitchen duties. Old buddy Doug couldn’t bring the blue ribbon corn. Seems the sweet corn season is over. Damn!

There was plenty else to eat anyway. Grilled Misch Bros. of Calumet City IL fresh Polish sausage, Miesfeld’s grand champion Sheboygan brats and venison backstraps were all available and there were no leftovers. Doug brought the venison backstraps so I had to apologize to him later for bringing the best corn I never tasted. We kid.

Dan arrived early. Carl brought his dad and a friend, John.

Left to right, Carl's dad, Carl and Dan.

Carl’s dad was loaded with energy and had a few good stories to tell. You could easily see he was enjoying a fabulous September day out on the farm getting a delightful snoot full of spent cordite with the rest of us. September seldom disappoints. On thing of note, Dan, Carl, Carl’s dad and John shot continuously. They stopped only to reload or until their arms fell off. Thousands of rounds they shot, I would guess.

One of three tables acting as firearm rest areas.

The total head count was 24 and we were expecting about 16. This event continues to grow each year. There were the usual suspects along with many newcomers.

Two bird hunting buddies each named Scott stopped by, one with his two teenagers. Mark, who was an original over twenty years ago paid a visit as well, it was great to see him again. The bro’s friends Peter, Ed and Ed’s boy hurled some serious lead downrange. Ed’s SKS made anyone without earplugs run and hide. Young Justin brought his girlfriend and her dad who had an HK in .308 that hurt even with earplugs. She handled the big stuff, no problem. Wow. our first female Gunstock participant. The glass ceiling has been broken,

The SWAT team pros showed up again this year, God bless these guys!

A very special thanks goes out to our local law enforcement pros, Tom and Matt. They always bring a few surprises and provide a fine shooting demonstration as well.

Most notable was the grand finale. Officer Matt brought some Tannerite. It is made up of two chemicals and after mixing the two it becomes explosive only after being hit with a high-powered rifle bullet. The stuff is inert when dropped or shot with anything less than a high-powered round and is quite safe to handle. His rifle was the real deal since he is in the professional law enforcement sniper business. Matt’s sniper rifle had the obligatory folding bipod and a huge scope. To make it a one-shot affair he laid on his belly, pulled the trigger and the cannister blew up real good. The canister weighed ¼ lb. and spectators standing about twenty yards away felt the concussion and heat a split second before the blast was heard. That tannerite stuff provided all kinds of splodey goodness.

Tannerite can be purchased at Cabela’s in ¼ to 1lb. containers and is legal to use for the shooting enthusiast who loves seeing stuff blow up (like me). I would not be standing anywhere short of 100 yards when one of those 1 pound monsters go off.

Harold deserves a big thanks for the help he always provides year in and year out. I hope he bags a lot of honkers this year.

Of course, Dan and Carl get huge thanks for inspiring me to resurrect and expand on an old tradition down on the farm.

That's Dan, standing watch.

What was once a few guys tuning up for the hunting season the new Gunstock invitational has become a fine annual firearm enthusiast’s shooting event, something everyone who attends really seems to look forward to. It just keeps getting better and better each year and a gynormous thanks goes out to each and every individual involved. Ain’t that America?

Hope to see you all next year at Gunstock lV, the LITGM annual Celebration of Peace, Love and The Second Amendment®.

Peace, man.


Chris from Colorado said...

Gunstock III was a blast, pun intended.

Great folks, great guns, great food and great weather.

Thanks G for everything!

Dan from Madison said...

Yes it was bigger and better than ever this year. I really enjoyed the conversations as well.

I did never stop shooting, I put at least a thousand or fifteen hundred down range.

One nit, that .308 wasn't an HK, I think it was a Century Arms.

Dan from Madison said...

Oh and who brought those stuffed jalopenos? Awesome!

Carl from Chicago said...

Thanks again for the hospitality and the great time. Also to your brother for doing all the cooking which was awesome as usual.

Jonathan said...

Damn, I wish I had been there. Glad you guys had fun.

James R. Rummel said...

Sounds like a little slice of heaven. Wish I could have been there!

Dan from Madison said...

It was pretty amazing James, hopefully you can join us next year.

chris from milwaukee said...

It looks like a good 'ol time. Andy and I talked about meeting up for this year's edition. I stayed back in Milwaukee this year to hang with my newborn daughter. I'm definitely going to take Andy up on his offer next year.