Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Best Quarterback To Ever Play In Chicago

We have him right now.

There are only a few quarterbacks in the league that can make that throw. Manning, Brees, Cutler and maybe one or two others on a good day.

I have seen nothing but greatness out of Cutler. Sure he threw picks last year, but he was running for his life on a lot of those plays - and on many others receivers either ran the wrong routes or flat out missed a catch.

I am a relatively young pup, but maybe some of the old timers could chime in here - have you ever seen as pure a talent as Cutler play qb in Chicago?

If we give Cutler time, he is a lock for 300 yards a game every time. Lastly, Cutler should thank his lucky stars that stupid Ron Turner is gone and that he is now in the Mike Martz e=mc2 offense.


Carl from Chicago said...

Note also that he threw it to Knox IN STRIDE. Damn I haven't seen that in my lifetime. Even the commenter pointed it out.

Mark said...

Wow, I guess I've really taken the QB play here up 'nort for granted the past 20 years. Looking forward to Monday night.