Thursday, September 09, 2010

Around Chicago September 2010

A few random items from around town.  Upper left - they sell cupcakes from a trailer!  Flirty cupcakes sells cupcakes out of a food truck and they were near my work so I walked up and bought a chocolate one, and they gave me a vanilla one for free.  Maybe because it is of rules or regulations or police hassling, but you rarely see these types of vendors in Chicago.  Probably focusing on this instead of our sky-high murder rate.  Upper left right below - they had a strange anti-virus promotion with three trucks with the name of a vendor with a top truck with some sort of a computer that appears to be vomiting.  Nice.    Upper right - that bumper sticker says it all, especially with our economy in the tank.  Right middle - this technically isn't in Chicago, I saw the bicycle push lawn mower in Door county, pretty cool.  Lower Right - a friend of mine saw this nut riding a bike around Chicago with a kid in the front of what looks like a wheel barrel; not a bad idea in a non-congested area, but not a good idea in densely packed Chicago.  Lower left - a good picture of Trump at night, from the East side on a friends' roof.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Flirty Cupcakes? Isn't that a titty bar on S Clinton St.?

Jonathan said...

Rock on.