Friday, August 27, 2010

Reasons To be Cheerful, Part 4

Cheer up Chicago sports fans. We have four reasons to be cheerful.

Hit the play button and enjoy.

Tonight while watching the pre-game show for the Sox v. Yankees game I saw something unexpected.


During the past 25 years, Chicago teams have won championships in all four major pro sports (if you count hockey as a major sport), a feat not accomplished by any other city during any 25 year time period.


This is definitely a Trivial Pursuit answer or potential Jeopardy question to be considered.

While I have major league problems with the City of Chicago and Chicago professional sports, this is one honor I am proud to recognize.

It was quite a sight to see.

First, Richard Dent brought out the ‘85 Bears Vince Lombardi trophy to place it on a pedestal behind home plate.

Pyrotechnics were launched.

Next, Jerry Reinsdorf trucked out one of six NBA Championship trophies commemorating the incredible run of Bulls championships and did the same.

More pyrotechnics.

Then, Mark Alan Buehrle dragged out THE 2005 World Series Championship trophy to place on the third pedistal.

Even more pyrotechnics.

Finally, Coach Quinville hauled out the Stanley Cup and placed it on the fourth pedestal. This one visibly dwarfed all the other trophies, it was huge.

Big time pyrotechnics.

Huge cheers and applause from what looked to be a sell-out crowd.

I hope Carl showed up early to this game.

Then I thought, what about those Cubs?

Oh, yeah. World Series Championship Yankees manager Joe Gerardi is in town.



Dan from Madison said...

haha friecking awesome

Terry from Crown Point said...

LOVED IT!!, and now you've got me viewing Ian Dury Vids.