Monday, August 02, 2010

Range Time

My son came home last weekend. The occasion was a family celebration for my dad’s 81st birthday on Sunday. He needs no invitation, it's always good to see him again, no excuses necessary.

On Saturday he wanted me to go with him to the local indoor gun range, which is about mile away.

His request was inspired by his recent interest in buying a handgun as documented here. BTW, thanks to all those leaving helpful comments. We both appreciate it very much.

He’s hunted with me on many occasions so he is no stranger to rifles and shotguns, handguns, not so much.

That’s my boy on Saturday emptying a clip of .40S&W from the Glock 22.

Most folks who commented agreed with me, his first purchase should be a .22LR pistol. Saturday he learned why. Shooting is fun. Shooting Is also quite expensive. It’s the price paid to learn the safe handling and enjoyment of firearms and to better protect himself if threatened with violence. After throwing over 400 rounds of lead downrange it was obvious he wanted more but the price is prohibitive for a young man trying to save money. That’s where a nice little .22 comes in.

I shot a lot but not as much as he did. The Glock is doing just fine but my little carry piece, the Bersa .380 had a few hickups. Twice it jammed on the last round in the clip. This never happened before. If anyone has any idea why this happened and how to solve the problem it would also be appreciated.

I don’t care to post photos of paper target results, not that I am ashamed of my performance. On Saturday I had one group of .380 holes that touched each other and made a perfect triangle near the center dot at 20 feet. I took no photos of the target results so you just have to take my word for it. Con mi Bersa que era muy bueno disparando mi amigo!

Many gun fanciers love to post bragging shots of their paper target groupings. “Here’s my group at XXX feet” etc.,etc. While that’s nice to see here are some personal target results that I find much more interesting to look at.


Jonathan said...

Last-round jam might be a weak magazine spring. Make sure the mags are clean inside. It might be worth numbering the mags to see if a particular mag is the problem.

Dan from Madison said...

When you say it "jams", can you be a little more specific? Perhaps taking a photo of what the jam looks like would help. If you are stovepiping, I would think that what Jonathan said above could be the issue. If it is some sort of other issue, it might be the feed ramp or a number of other things. I assume you have been cleaning the gun regularly also.

Gerry from Valpo said...

No photo. What occurred was the final cartridge became lodged between the mag and the chamber and was visible through the opening. By pulling back the slide it was easily removed.

I only own one clip for the Bersa and this happened two times out of well over twenty clip loads.

My guns are always clean and lightly lubed. A new clip may do the trick. At least the jam happened on the final round so Jonathan may be on to something since the gun is stored with the clip loaded with 90 gr AHP COR BON cartridges when not in use. Could be a cheap spring mechanism.

Thanks guys.

Dan from Madison said...

Definitely sounds like the mag if everything is working well through the other rounds. If you start having issues outside of the last round you may need to get it to a smith to look at the ramp.

Annie said...

Were you shooting factory ammo or reloads? Sometimes an undercharge of powder will do the same thing. Not that it can't happen in factory ammo, too...

Gerry from Valpo said...

It was factory ammo, A. It was dirt cheapie target stuff, but made in the USA. My Glock never has problems with the same brand.

Jonathan said...

If it were me, I'd try different ammo and another mag. If function with the alternate ammo is good, maybe you should use that ammo. If it's not the ammo and you get jams with one mag and not the other, replace the spring in the problem mag. At worst you end up with a spare mag, which isn't a bad thing to have.

If you google "bersa magazine spring" some of the links are to discussions about jamming. That might be worth a look before you start fixing things.