Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor Engineering

We just got a new phone system here at work and while the system itself is great, I am less than impressed by the engineering of the headset. Check out this photo:
That is a position I find myself in a lot of times, while I am rifling through a technical manual, or a PO file, or whatever. The receiver is so off balance that when I put it like this, the microphone is covered up by my chin. Also, the earpiece comes off of my ear a bit.
Look how tiny! I do have big hands, but this is a bit ridiculous.

So replace it...well...
...note the round cutout for the receiver. Stuck. I have a hands free that I will be making great friends with for the forseeable future.

What I get to thinking in these situations is if the phone manufacturer actually consulted an ergonomics engineer at all, and if they did, that guy or girl must have been last in the class.


Maybe, just maybe, this phone was designed in China, by Chinese people, who are typically smaller than us behemoths here in the States.

Just thoughts that pass through my head when faced with this type of crappy engineering.

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Carl from Chicago said...

My blackberry is what I call a "hello kitty" model because it is too damn small for my fat fingers.

How is the headset working?

Next time obviously check the ergonomics before you buy, I didn't think that phones were that variable but apparently they are.