Monday, August 30, 2010

Places I Have Been

Back in April Carl and I went to San Francisco to do some running and see a few sights. We had a great time. There is a lot for tourists to do in San Francisco from seeing the Golden Gate Bridge (we ran across it) to the piers to Chinatown and lots more.

The city across the bay, however, Oakland - well, not so much.

We took the mass transit train to the home of the Oakland A's - they were playing Baltimore that day. What an ocean of concrete, filth and destitution. I didn't see one thing on the way to the game that I wanted to slow down and get a better look at.

Then when we got to the game we were greeted by this hamster cage.

It sort of reminds me of the hamster cage when you get off the train to go to Cell.

After you go down that path, you are greeted by Al Davis's monument to himself, the Commitment to Excellence that is the Oakland Anaheim County Stadium. It is just as bad on the inside.

While we were in there, there was this one Baltimore fan in his ancient Eddie Murray jersey with a full sleeve of skull tattoos.

This reminded me of what a craphole Baltimore appeared to me. They have a tiny nice downtown area for tourists, but that was about it. The rest was broken down, with lost souls wandering all over. Carl and I have a running joke that Baltimore residents must all have skull tattoos.

I think the worst city I have ever visited though was Philadelphia. Even their tourist areas were dirty and crappy with tons of homeless people hassling the visitors. This post I did a long time ago summed it up for me.

I remember a plant tour I took in Philly. The bus picked us up from the hotel and took us to the plant and there was nothing to see but broken down buildings, and barbed wire. It was amazingly depressing.

Do these towns have "good parts"? I would bet that they do, but maybe I am wrong.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Photo #1 looks like a prison yard. Perfect for Oakland.

BTW, it's Oakland-Alameda. Anaheim is where the Angels play.

Dan from Madison said...

Ah, right you are sir.

Snakeye said...

Sorry I've been missing out lately... work, and all that other shit. They say nothing beats a first impression, so I've been putting in 14+ hours at the good ol' Squadron - my brain's mush.
I've lost a little motivation (due to my schedule) with the Snakesite; but this is titled "Places I've been"... if you ever want to put Italy on your list (skiing in the Alps, Oktoberfest, Venice, etc), I just wanted to let you know our place is yours; family (wife and kids). Just lemme know man.

- Snakeye out.

(Hot Carl & Gerry, this goes for you guys too... can't promise the Grand Tour, but we'll at least let you borrow the car to go where you need to and use our house as a launching point)

Dan from Madison said...

Hey thanks for the offer bud!