Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He Did It!

Yesterday was my son Andy’s birthday. I called to wish him the best. He’s 29. What bothers me most is next year I will be the father of a 30 year old. Cripes.

He informed me of his decision to purchase a new Browning Buckmark .22 handgun, the affordable camper model. Even more congratulations were in order.

He had already been to a state DNR owned range near Indianapolis and emptied a few clips with it. Here are some photos he sent me.

He liked everything about it especially the accuracy.

It’s not really his first gun. I bought him a .177 pellet rifle when he was ten. He’s also shot most of my guns from .22 rifle to .50 cal muzzleloader and has downed more than a few birds with a 12 ga while hunting. He never needed a reason to buy a gun before because he could always use one of mine, but suddenly living on his own and at a distance he wanted what I am calling his first gun.

We want to thank all those who left comments back here. It helped a lot. By owning the .22 and getting in a lot of range time it will make him more comfortable making the purchase of a larger caliber carry piece..

I had sent Andy links to many fine gun blogs, even those that prayed at the altar of the 1911 and told him to keep an open mind when making his choice. One such blog is no longer live but I always read it when it was because I considered the man a true expert in all firearms and respected his evaluations.

Kim DuToit wrote the blog “The Other Side Of Kim”. I read it regularly because I liked his writing and his politics. That blog is no longer online for whatever reason. His blog also had an online catalog of nearly each and every firearm complete with a rating, a photo, and estimated value. He was the living definition of a gun nut and damn proud of it, almost to a fault. I remember asking Dan his opinion of Kim's blog and we agreed, begging for money through your blog is something neither of us believe in. Other than that it was very well written.

Kim wrote a lot about gun safety, types, handling, purchasing, valuable SHTF information and of course politics, which I was 100% behind his views.

One of his suggested “first guns” was a Browning Buckmark. I would link to his blog where it was reviewed many times, but it has since gone dark.

It’s not necessary to agree with anyone 100% of the time but one thing I remembered and respected was Kim’s rating and praise of the Browning Buckmark being the best choice for a first gun as well as one best suited for getting in a lot of handgun practice without breaking the bank. I can’t wait to shoot it at Gunstock 3.

Andy did good and I’m the proud dad of a responsible, self-sufficient, well-grounded, young American.

Happy Birthday son!


Andrew from Aurora said...

Gerry: I've had my eye on a Buckmark ever since retiring my Beretta Neos for reliability problems and a quite crappy trigger. I'll look forward to a chance to fire Andy's at Gunstock (assuming he's amenable). Shopping for a .22 is a tough task. Most ranges carry limited models to rent, and the typical gun shop won't even let you dry fire one from the sales display to test the trigger break so about all you can evaluate is grip and feel (if anyone can tell me what the rationale is behind this rimfire dry-fire policy, please let me know -- seems antiquated to me at best as I've seen firing pins on .22s that are beefier than the one on my .45 auto).

Jonathan said...

Cool, congrats. The Buckmark is excellent and the trigger will improve with use.

Tips: Get a high-quality T-handle hex key to tighten the screws on top of the sight rib, and check them for tightness (gently) before using the gun. Get extra screws from Browning in case you strip them. Don't disassemble the gun more often than absolutely necessary. You don't really have to clean anything until you start getting feed failures (500+ rounds); you don't really have to clean the bore ever. Be cautious about removing the grips as they hold in some important springs.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Andrew, I am sure Andy will be more than pleased to allow you time with his Buckmark, in exchange for a few basic shooting lessons from you of course : )

Jonathan, all your outstanding advice on this matter has been greatly appreciated by Andy and myself. Thank you so much. We would love for you to attend Gunstock 3 on Sunday Sept. 26. Email any of us if you are interested. We always have more guns than shooters. Everyone shares. That's why we call it Gunstock - A Celebration of Peace, Love and The Second Amendment.

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Gerry, and thanks for the invite.

Annie said...

Very nice choice.
Congrats to him on fine shootin', too. :)