Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sports and fitness over the last few years have taken a front seat in my life. At the beginning of every week I look at what the family has going on to make sure I can get my workouts in. If needed, I move things around to accommodate my workouts. I push myself like I never thought I could. My standing pulse is around 40-42 bpm right now. I am in shape.

But there is always more to do, better things and times to strive for. I like things like kickboxing, cycling and running because it is all about you. It is sort of like golf. Are you honest with yourself and others? Did you actually run 8 miles today? Do you cycle 60 miles at a time? You either do or you don't. You either shot par, or you didn't.

I am preparing to take myself to another level. I finished two places out of a medal in my last duathlon and wasn't proud of myself. I was frustrated because I didn't get the medal. I was encouraged by others who reminded me how very far I have come and noted that I am in better shape than 99.999% of the population. But I am the type of person who looks at it differently. You either got the medal or you didn't. I didn't. By one minute and fourteen seconds.

So I have been researching different methods of training and may be changing up a few things. I have been talking to different trainers, reading things online and looked at some other options to improve and increase my training. In the end, it is up to me. It is me vs. history. Me vs. second place. Me vs. last year. Me vs. them. Me vs. myself. Me vs. no. Me vs. can't. This ad that has been running during this years TDF says it all and is very inspirational to me. It is the second half of the ad, but I couldn't find the whole thing on youtube yet.

"The clock is ticking. Let's see what you got."

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