Monday, July 12, 2010

Sox Keep on Rolling

At the White Sox game Sunday I ran into this "crazy banana dude" (I love his name tag, too) who was giving me the high sign on performance for the Sox.  They had a seven game home stand where they swept the Angels and then Kansas City, to boot.  Out of the 7 games, only one of them wasn't a blow out, and today the Sox just stomped on Kansas City, even if the new starter Daniel Hudson didn't hang around long enough to get the win.

It is too bad that the All-Star break has to start now because the Sox literally can't get any hotter.  I don't remember them playing this well for such a sustained amount of time except for the 2005 playoffs and way back in the 1983 2nd half of the season when they just ran away with the division.  Hopefully they come back and hit the ground just as fast after the break.  It was kind of sad that there were thousands of seats left on a beautiful Sunday, though.  I know it was just the Royals (they literally draw like 2 fans) but still we could have done better.  You can just walk up and get tickets and there were plenty of scalpers selling good seats outside the gates.


Sk8 said...

He's like the "peanut butter jelly-time" episode of Family guy:

Jonathan said...

MR.Banana to you.

Mr. Banana [not Jonathan] said...

What he said!