Saturday, July 24, 2010

River North Night

With the summer weather I can get some great Chicago photos from my balcony.

Upper left - the rain this year has been incredible. This is from an earlier storm but today the major highways are shut down from flooding. I took this picture with a flash and you can see the huge raindrops. Upper right - a great shot of the moon looking off to the west. Then you get two shots of River North by night anchored by the Trump Tower - in the right photo you can see the reflection of the moon on the side of Trump Tower. The next two photos show some of the crew of girls that walk in our neighborhood - I remember when one of my nephews was here in the evening and he asked why they don't wear much clothes and I just chuckled - but the difference now is that they are all on their ubiquitous smart phones / iPhones continuously, and the second photo shows them in motion with the inevitable glow of light. Lower left - if Binny's leaves their gates open all night long they get a steady stream of disappointed would-be booze buyers, and on lower right, cleaning up at O'Leary's at the end of the night.

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Jonathan said...

The top 4 are great, others are cool too.