Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Morning Blues?

Dan must be out at the farm with his family enjoying his nice long weekend. At least I hope he is.

Maybe he did not publish his Monday Morning Blues because it’s hard feeling blue on a warm sunny holiday weekend Monday.

Anyway, in Dan’s absence I am taking the liberty of publishing this happy little summer ditty from a long ago summer of my youth. 1968, from Archie Bell & The Drells.

Makes me feel like I am 16 again, driving to the Indiana Dunes in the back seat of Terry Dunn's white '65 Chevy Malibu convertable with a cooler full of icy Schlitz Malt Liquor, the top down, and listening to AM radio.

Tighten up on that organ now!.


Dan from Madison said...

thanks for picking me up, I was pretty crazy busy this weekend.

Chris from Colorado said...

Those were the days man, those were the days.

Carl from Chicago said...

That is a good tune will go get it off itunes