Monday, July 12, 2010

Brewer Tailgating Fun

Over at the most important site on the internet, Drunk Bear Fans, we chronicle the insanity that goes on at the Bear games every fall. Last Saturday I went to a Brewer game and did the tailgating thing. It was an awesome time. Everyone was, for the most part polite, friendly and just having a great time - UNlike the Bear games, where half the time you are trying to dodge smashed idiots. Some highlights.

When we left, an a$$hole with a vuvuzela was blowing his horn. A guy grabbed it, broke it in half and handed it back to the offender with a smile on his face. Everyone applauded madly.

This woman was partying with some of her friends next to us. Her top was showing the hummingbird deal and I asked her how low it went. She said that it went "all the way down" and that she would show it to me if I wanted. I wasn't exactly looking for that answer, but a couple of her friends were kind enough to pull down her top this low to reval more of the tattoo. Nice idea, poor execution. That is some crappy tattoo work it seems from my admittedly untrained eye.

I brought my standard tailgate fare, of ribs, shrimp and homemade salsa. Others broght some more finger food. My guests were blown away by the food and people from ten spots over came to see it. When you are used to dried out burgers and sad hot dogs, this looks like manna from heaven. I don't even try to explain Gerry's feasts to others anymore. You just have to be there.
The Klements sausages from the sausage races prowl the parking lot trying to find people grilling their stuff. They then let you have photos and videos with them. Here is my favorite, the brat! He was mauled by every single person who he came in contact with. This might be a nice masthead photo someday.
Here at LITGM we are always looking for anyone who ups the ante wrt tailgating. A couple of cars up from us was this dj station. I am not sure if a guy brought this or if this group of people bring this rig everywhere they go. Regardless, it was awesome and turned our area into a giant dance party. It was very fun.
If you ever have a chance, take the family for a Miller Park tailgate. You will be glad you did.


Carl from Chicago said...

That does look like a lot of fun. I haven't tailgated at Miller Park since they built it that has to get on my list, maybe even for this year. Definitely next year especially if the Sox go up there.

I also want to see that new Minnesota park.

That DJ is great probably the goons with guns in their waistbands at Soldier Field would tell them to turn it down people would be having too much fun.

Dan from Madison said...

The biggest problem is that there isn't enough room to actually have fun at the Bear games with something like a dj, instead we get guys with ambulances blasting Deft0nes. From the photo of the brat guy you can see how wide the aisles are. The parking lot around Miller Park is massive, completely and 100% geared up for tailgating.

Gerry from Valpo said...

The ribs look great.