Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chicago Blackhawks - My Own Observations

Not being a true hockey fan I admit it’s been fun occasionally watching the Blackhawks for the past two years. Some would say I’m one of those that jumped on the playoff bandwagon. Not true.

During most of the 2010 playoffs I usually passed out fell asleep before the game was over. The next morning I needed to go online to find out who won.

Hockey is entertaining if you know the rules. Speaking of rules, I've noticed that the modern day players don’t fight as they once did. Fighting while referees stood by to watch is one part of hockey that turned me off in the 70’s.

It is obvious to me (one who could give a wit) that the athleticism of these hockey players is something to appreciate and I do. This doesn’t mean I am going out to buy a Byflugien home game jersey for $300. This team looked inspired and willing to prove something against all odds and who doesn’t appreciate that?

The local Chicago broadcast media have been pissing down both legs of their pants. ABC7 sent three, yes three of their well-coiffed broadcast dandies to Philadelphia looking to interview local Blackhawk fans that spent $5-$10,000 to watch a cup game there. How's that for proof that a fool and his money are soon parted.

So the team won the Stash Cup, good for them. A championship for championship starved town is extremely noteworthy. To me this was all about that team, a young, talented bunch with superior athletic ability who were extremely well coached and had something to prove. It’s not about post-game broadcasts from a Chicago Irish Pub Yuppie Sports Bars by local media dandies providing a platform for the typical Cub Fans bandwagon jumpers all drunk and screaming “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when the team wins. Spare me, Lord.

This is unusual, there were no reports of violence in the streets after last night’s cup victory. No shootings, overturned vehicles on fire, nothing. Predictable liberal media reports recently asked the question, “where’s the diversity in hockey?” Not that I am trying to make a connection here in any way.

One relief for me in the wake of the Blackhawks victory will be the absence of that now awful Chelsea Dagger tune playing at least ten times on every local newscast. But I will never tire of the classic 50’s Blackhawks anthem which was written and produced by the father of contemporary musician Richard Marx.

After the parade (I may go), after all the interviews these guys will go home and count their well-earned cash. But then what?

Without hockey playoffs to distract them bad baseball will quickly be in the local media spotlight. Yep, the Blackhawks have virtually wiped out all media attention to both sucky 2010 Chicago baseball teams. Will Lou and/or Ozzie be fired? Will there be a white flag trade on both sides of town? There is virtually zero media buzz about the crosstown series that begins tomorrow.

Then there’s the Bears who will begin training camp in a month or so. Well la-de-freaking-da. If the Bears finish at .500 I would consider it a successful season. The media mood will shift to hope. That’s their way. In Chicago “this-could-be-the-year” is what drives attention. Chicago has a habit of selling HOPE. The suckers eat it up and look where that got this nation eighteen months ago.

Keep hope alive. Right. The next championship may come in a decade or so. And it’s safe to say it won’t be the Cubs.

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Dan from Madison said...

I have always loved that old 'Hawks song. I was an intense, crazy Blackhawk fan for about a half decade around the years 1990 - 1995. I did roadtrips to St. Louis and Minneapolis for games and attended many at the old Chicago Stadium. For whatever reason (probably something the Wirtz family did) I gave up on them and never came back to hockey. Is it football season yet?