Monday, June 28, 2010

Miller Lite a Premium Product??

At the ball park I noticed the price for beer... according to the Chicago White Sox, Blue Moon costs $7 a cup and Miller Lite is $7.50 a cup!  I think that they are both the same size and both are definitely on tap so all I can conclude is that Miller Lite is apparently viewed to be the "premium" product vs. Blue Moon.  Man that has to hurt the marketers over at Blue Moon, they ought to be fired right now!


Dan from Madison said...

At first I though that for sure the Blue Moon serving would be smaller, but upon second thought that is WAY too complex for the average ballpark vending copany to implement. So Miller Lite is now a premium? Who knew?

Gerry from Valpo said...

I was surprised that the beer prices were different all around the ballpark. Usually within 50-75¢. In my observation most drinkers prefer Lite or Bud Light over better tasting beer. But to pay more for sh!twater? Go figure.