Monday, June 21, 2010


Every year for Fathers Day my dad and I go fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan out of Kenosha. We absolutely killed them this year. It may have been one of our best years ever with the amount and size of the fish.

We get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning, ususally leaving port by 5am. In the past on the night before we had stayed in Milwaukee or Racine. This time we actually stayed in Kenosha. It was early on Saturday evening, but dad wanted to crash, so I went for a long walk and took lots of photos. In short, Kenosha is one f*cked up town. What a rathole. But not all is bad. I will be dribbling out the photos I took of the town as the summer wears on, with some commentary thrown in for good measure.


Jonathan said...

Glad you and your dad had fun.

Did you walk past the velodrome?

Dan from Madison said...

Nah, that was a bit far from where we were staying. Next year we will probably ride on it though.

Carl from Chicago said...

Hey I want to see some photos of the fish else it is just another "fish story".

What nice weather you had for the day. There was a party for my dad and we had great weather, too.

Stinks that they closed down the Dog Track at Kenosha.

Dan from Madison said...

Need photos, eh? You've got mail. As for the dog track, we drove by it, still there, still abandoned.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Let's see the fish.

Dan from Madison said...

Alright already, new post up.