Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey We Are .500!

As (the few) loyal readers of this blog know, I am a great contrarian indicator - the more White Sox tickets I buy, the more the team sucks.  Every year I buy at least a few tickets, but this year me and my friend Rick went in on half a set of four season tickets that are great, along the third base line (this is the view from the seats) along with a parking and club passes.  I was thinking that the Sox would do well since their pitching seemed poised to be among baseball's best, with Peavy added to an excellent rotation.

Well that shows what I know.  The Sox rotation bombed; until recently they were among the worst in the league; with their recent victory streak (they are 9-1 lately, with their only loss being a game that they could easily have won in the 9th vs. the Cubs) their ERA has been reduced to a respectable 4.41, still below average but at least on the way up.

With this latest winning streak the Sox are back to .500; now they are within striking distance of the leaders in the Central, being Detroit (on a hot streak lately) and the miserable Twins, which are usually our nemesis.

Gerry recently put up a cooking post and I am going to be lucky enough to have Gerry and his brother cook up a fine tailgate feast at the Sox / Cubs game next Sunday.  I guarantee that no one in that whole lot will eat better than I will.  At least there will be something to watch on the field, too, now that the Sox have gone from lousy to respectable.

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Gerry from Valpo said...

Looking forward to the game. I think we will kick some Cubbie ass and win the BP (filled with light, sweet gulf coast crude) crosstown cup.