Sunday, June 13, 2010

German Bunkers Southwest France

Recently I traveled to south west France, on the Atlantic coast.  Near St. John-De-Luz there are still some German WW2 bunkers standing from the "Atlantic Wall".

The city is quite attractive with a beautiful sea wall and lovely beaches and it is difficult to imagine what it must have been like during the second world war.  While the Vichy France area which was not occupied by the Germans early on included much of southern France it did not include this portion of the Atlantic coast line.

I ordered some WW2 books from Osprey which I hope will tell me more about the specific types of bunkers that these represented since the Germans used standard bunker types in many of their sea defenses.  I have seen a variety of web sites on this topic but I can't make sense of many of them because they are not in English and also they don't seem to be very consistent.

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Martin Ambrosius said...

First picture is the fire-control-bunker, regelbau 636, secound is the gun bunker R671 and the last look like a MG bunker R58C. I am working a new page about Saint-Jean-de-Luz so soon you will find more information about the battery. If you want a good book about types of bunkers (Regelbau) you should look after the writer Rudi Rolf.