Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny In France

In the upper left you can see one of the original "mini" cars parked in a way that only a mini can.  That McDonald's in the upper right was a "large" coffee... not large enough for me.  We watched "Jersey Shore" with French language overdubs - can you believe that someone in France wakes up in the morning with the official job of translating "Snooki"?  In the lower right there was a model right in the middle of the busiest street, doing a photo shoot.
Upper left - the place advertises itself as Lenny Kravitz's favorite falafel stand.  I saw a line of the old Citroen convertibles out for a weekend drive.  Starbucks had people sitting outside like a French cafe.

This one is for our friend Gerry from Valparaiso Indiana.  There is a cafe chain in Paris called "Indiana Cafe" and they serve Tex-Mex food, check out their site, and no I can't figure out the connection, either.  In the middle the translation for environmentalists was "tree hugger", an excellent translation.  They had a bird cage outside the window, which seems like a big tease.

In the lower left is one of those cooler old French cars with the rear wheel covered and I hope you don't have to change the tire.  We had a very friendly cat follow us and apparently a goat with goiter.

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Dan from Madison said...

The cat looks French.

mark said...

Ha! He does look a bit smug. More nice pictures from Carl; what's going on here?

Gerry from Valpo said...

Nice trip you're having, good shots too.

Indiana Cafe must be more of a reference to Indians than the state of Indiana. The Tex-Mex connection is puzzling as well. Then again, it's France.

Two years ago I bought a French Army rifle. Got a good deal. It was never fired and only dropped once.

Hotel Chicago said...

@Dan... You are spot on with that french looking cat! Hilarious!

Jacob Ward said...

Was the coffee not espresso-strength? If you ask for "un grand café" in France you'll normally get a double espresso, which would explain why it looks small.