Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Take

This video has been making the rounds lately - oh boy has it been making the rounds:

I would like to make a few observations, and these observations are assuming that this video is 100% authentic. I don't care which party the congress critter is from and don't intend to grind a political ax with this post.

The Congressman appears intoxicated to me. He has no right to know the name of anyone questioning him about anything. The kid did not fight back. I would have kicked this guys asz.

It should have been pretty easy to break that lame wrist lock. There are a multitude of ways to do this. I probably would have kicked him in the groin.

When he grabbed the kid by the back of the neck I instinctively said "clinch defense!" to my TV screen the first time I watched this. In Muay Thai, if your opponent gets the inside position on you, you immediately grab one of the opponents arms (and pull DOWN) and wrap your other around the back of your opponents neck (and pull DOWN and either left or right depending on what technique you plan on). From there you can utilize an array of techniques to counter the opponents clinch. I think I would have just smashed this guys face with either a horizontal slashing elbow (Sok Ti) or uppercut elbow (Sok Ngad). If the elbow was not available, here come the knees.

Our Jeet Kune Do students would have waded right in and probably headbutted this guy.

Any way you slice it, a very poor showing for the kid - he needs to pick up a martial art or something. Most of it is a mental set though. If the kid didn't want to be pushed around, he could have fought back, but alas, he didn't. Another victim to the bullies.


James R. Rummel said...

Good post, Dan!

Dan from Madison said...

Thanks James - the more I think about it, the more I believe that kid is a 100% pussy.

John said...

The kid did not fight back. I would have kicked this guys asz.

I'm sympathetic, but this would have been a bad idea. Yes, he committed assault. But he's also a member of Congress -- laws don't apply to him.

Had the activist responded with a break or a punch, or in any way physically resisted, he would be in jail right now.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Outstanding post, Dan. Very well said.

Retardo said...

John's right. The kid would be in jail. Furthermore, every "mainstream" media outlet in the country would claim he'd attacked the congressthing. It would be a PR catastrophe for small-government folks. They'd be looping the video 24/7 on every channel. As it is, it's a minor PR black eye for the Democrats. We won.

Sure, that drunken pig deserved the same broken arm that any of us would deserve if we attacked somebody on the street like that, but you can't have everything.

This is a case where you win the encounter by losing the fight. See also "Gaza Flotilla".

Dan from Madison said...

Retardo and john - I will respond to your comments at length tomorrow - at my current location I only have my blackberry. Thanks for leaving the comments!

Tom DeGisi said...

Do you really think escalation is the best choice here? You are putting your fate in the hands of the police, district attorney and possibly a jury.

In D.C. Democratic D.C. Where you have attacked a Democratic Congressman.

I can't fault your proposed tactics, Dan, but your strategy is not going to win awards.


tkdkerry said...

No, the kid's not a pussy. He was smart, and perhaps well coached. Doing nothing but politely asking to be released works perfectly to show the congressman is a jackass, and gives the other side no ammunition. Any criticism the left makes has to be based on fabrications. He had a point to make and succeeded admirably. Good job.

mark said...

Most likely, the student would have kicked the Congressman's ass even without benefit of martial arts training. I furthermore agree the honorable representative was heavily intoxicated.

That said, then it becomes "Young Rethuglican attacks elderly Democratic Congressman". He would have been arrested and his university administrators would have made a great show of expelling him to "send a message" about what "won't be tolerated". The MSM would then have made every effort to turn the kid into the next Richard Jewel to get their guy out an embarrassing scrape.

If the college student was female, fighting back would fly because the wrist grab and shoulder grapple would look exceedingly creepy as well as being assault and battery by a tall man against a young woman.

Actually, it looked a little creepy as it was with the male student.

Arthur B. Burnett said...

Hed the Congressman been grabbed that way it would be assult. As he is a Democrate in todays Washington DC manhandling people is his birthright. Had the student resisted I'm sure he would have been arrested. I bet this one won't show up on the 10:00 PM news.

knirirr said...

But he's also a member of Congress -- laws don't apply to him.

That was my thought as well. Even if a dishonourable politician were clearly in the wrong, he'd use every means in his power to make life difficult for the mere prole who dared to lay hands upon him.

Still, my thought at the wrist grab section was "coup de pied bas." ;-)

Dan from Madison said...

I have put up a new post on the subject as my comment was getting too long.