Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Things We Can’t Live Without?

A most interesting and subsequently amusing news item appeared on the yahoo landing page this morning. It is entitled “Ten Things We Can’t Live Without”. It would have been better if titled “Ten Things We Can’t Live Without-That We Don’t Really Need”.

Before reading the piece I first thought of my own ten things I can’t live without to see how they compared. Then I clicked in to find one thing, and I mean only one thing on the list matched mine and that’s pets.

Here’s their list (cough):
-Portable Computers
-High-Speed Internet Access
-Smart Phones
-Music Downloads

Not too shallow, is it?

You really MUST READ the piece to see the sad plight of a jobless and homeless young woman with her needs for survival that proceeds these ten must have items and try not to laugh.

I hold POP culture, the mainstream media and Hollywood slime responsible if life sucks so bad that all you need are high-tech material items and stimulants as things we can't live without. It’s a generational issue as well. In my day we enjoyed booze, movies, pets and stereo systems but never did I think I could not live with out any one of them.

In retrospect, here are my 10 things that I truly cannot live without.

#10) The Outdoors. My manifestation of freedom is deeply rooted in experiencing the outdoors as much as possible. It can be on a lake with a fishing rod in my hands or on a cropline pretending to be a tree with a shotgun waiting for that big buck or gobbler to come along.

#9) My Vehicle. Without mobility you have no freedom. Period. Most problems can be solved with an internal combustion carbon spewing engine. Trust me.

#8) My Guns. Without guns I would not enjoy hunting in the outdoors. They provide me with the ultimate security to protect myself and my family. They help to occasionally put tasty food on our table. And with them, when the sh!t hits the fan I will at least have a chance.

#7) My Dog. There will always be a dog in my home and it has to be one that hunts. Losing a dog after years of companionship is as painful as losing a family member. But we must move on.

#6) My Career. Having a career is so much better than having a job. It provided me with a fulfillment that went far beyond the paycheck. I began my career in a field that was enjoyable to be, drawing pictures. I never intended to be as successful as I was but knew that I would not dread going to work each day if it was fun. Opportunities came and I took advantage of them even if it meant working 70 hour weeks with long commutes and business travel. Not bad for a guy who never attended a college or university.

#5) My Computer. Without it my career would have been over fifteen years ago. While it is a tool for business it opens up a world of truth we won’t find in the mainstream media. But high speed internet access is one item I can and do live without. In fact, lately I do my best to get away from wasting time online (social networking) as much as possible.

#4) My Home. My early adulthood was spent sacrificing in order to eventually have a home that nobody can take away. I take care of it with pride, it’s my safe sanctuary from urban POP culture distractions. It's also a good investment, at least it was.

#3) My Friends. Once you find a good one do everything you can to keep them. They become family members.

#2) My Family. I am blessed by having not only a traditional family upbringing, but it was my own choice to extend that blessing to my own family with a good wife and two grown children. A monetary value cannot be placed on family. Without the support, companionship and sense of belonging a family provides there is nothing, and I mean nothing else to me.

#1) God. Surprised? No, I am not a religious person. I never preach and avoid being preached to. Being a recovering Catholic I no longer have the need for organized religion after twelve years of Catholic education and going to mass each and every day. Without a belief in God there are no values, and no purpose in life. My faith is what made everything possible. I don’t credit God for providing me with opportunities or with healing me. I never pray to God to ask him for things. How selfish is that? Faith gave me the rules to live by, a blueprint to conduct myself and a focus on things that are the most important. Without faith in God none of the above would have been possible. Some people need the support of others by belonging to an organized religion and that's fine. But that's not for me anymore.

I could have listed only the last three because they are the most important to me. My ten is to compare with those on the yahoo news report.

Do you have three, or ten?


Terry from Crown Point said...

I like your list, but where do fish tacos and sleep fit in?

Chris from Colorado said...

Great blog G.

Here's mine, if we are only doing 10.

#10) My Vehicle. I waited 18 to get the vehicle I wanted, now she's 9 years old.

#9) The Outdoors. Mother Earth, Pacha Mama.

#8) My dogs, all three of them.

#7) My job. Pays the bills and allows me to do a lot of what I want to do.

#6) My Career (not the one I make a living at).

#5) My home (even though a better location is desirable)

#4) My sight, my hearing, my (freedom of) speech and a somewhat sound mind.

#3) My limbs. Round, round get around, I get around.

#2) Family and friends. At this point in my life, they are one (OK, there is a priority scheme going on here).

#1) Oxygen, water and food.

Jonathan said...

In order of priority: family, health and ability to earn a living. I agree also that an automobile is way up there, though I could do without if necessary.

Dan from Madison said...

Good post, and one that required a bit of thought from me. And they are certainly different now than they would have been 15 years ago. I have no partiular order.

My health. Physical fitness has opened doors to me that I never even knew existed.

Family, of course - I would say that they are first on the list.

The Constitution and the rights I have bestowed upon me because of it.

Knowing what I do now, as compared to what I used to know. I would imagine I would say this again in another 15 years.


Computers. My business (any business?) can't be run without them.

And computers can't run without - electricity. Can't do without that.

Peasant food.

Anonymous said...

Not selfish, just God has to think A LOT.

He likes to give people water more than anything, except rice and lemons maybe.