Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Old School

Recently I walked through Wrigleyville where I lived in the early 90's. It was a great time to wander since a Cubs game was going on right then and everyone was still inside the stadium; you want to be out of there unless you are intoxicated yourself afterward else you will be the sole sober person in a sea of drunks.

Some things don't change too much at all. Yak-zies is one of the oldest bars on Clark north of the stadium; now there seem to be dozens of modern clubs everywhere. Lots of memories (or lack thereof) of this place.

While everything is new in Wrigleyville I was amazed to see that the Bodega near Grace and Southport still was standing. I guess they have adapted to the clientele and now sell upmarket Hispanic food to the locals. While so many businesses have come and gone I never would have imagined that this store could have survived.

Here is a 3 bedroom house that I used to rent a room in for $200 / month. It was owned by an elderly woman and the house looks identical today compared to what it looked like way back in the 90's. I imagine that she must have passed away or gone into an assisted living facility because I don't think that she would have put it up for sale otherwise. We rented the top floor and it hadn't been renovated at all it seemed since it was built in the early part of the 20th century. Here is the listing for the house - it essentially is a tear down and it is on the market for $549,000 as a three flat. I would bet that if this house sold at the peak of the market rather than today it would have listed for nearer to $1M than $500,000 just for the land alone but now the market has obviously tanked so it is being listed at a more reasonable price point for a three bedroom.

Dan - check out that link and look through the photos of the house you will have a laugh looking at the living room.


Dan from Madison said...

that house holds a special place in my heart since that is where I met my wife at a party

Carl from Chicago said...

I forgot about that!