Thursday, May 06, 2010

Just STFU!

Since Ozzie Guillen coached the White Sox into World Series history before the Cubs got there (in my lifetime) he usually gets a pass from me. He could do no wrong. Until recently.

He’s known for saying all kinds of crazy sh!t about reporters, players, coaches and other managers. All of it harmless, for the most part.

But his recent comments on the new Arizona state law that is nothing more than the same federal law that Washington refuses to enforce has made me lose respect for Oz. If the Sox fail to make post season play this year I will be leading the Fire Ozzie Guillen bandwagon. I may even create a blog dedicated to it.

UPDATE: Just heard on the radio that Phil Jackson (ex-Bulls coach and self-proclaimed zen master who I never cared for one way or another ) has also made comments on the Arizona law and how it relates to sports. He says sports has no business in politics. Hey Phil, can you coach baseball?

The law is the law no matter who you are. Period.

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Terry from Crown Point said...

Oz let Pods walk and has the cuban missile playing a very mediocre shortstop instead of letting the rookie of the year play his natural position at short. His Ozzeeball is trying to imitate the twins and is failing badly. He's no Gardenhire. At this point I wouldn't even hire him to work in my garden. Oops, now I'm gettin' into that AZ state law thing. STAY OUT OF POLITICS OZ, and get back to winning!!