Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dan's Time Machine

I always have collected a lot of music and on a few occasions have filled up a shuffle for someone so they have something to listen to. The vast majority of my music comes from CD's I've downloaded or bought legitimately so it isn't like I took it on the Internet or anything.

Recently Dan said he needed some new songs for when he runs and trains, and if anyone knows Dan, he runs and trains HARD, so I was happy to help. He said he'd send me his old shuffles for a fill-up.

Dan's busy and so I spent a few minutes looking for shuffles on the Apple web site. Over the years I've owned a bunch of MP3 playing devices but I really like my little 2nd generation shuffle (the square one) that I use today when I run or work out, because you can't break it (I've dropped it about 100 times) and it is very unobtrusive. So when I was looking on line in case Dan didn't have time to send me the shuffles (I figured I'd just buy another one and fill it and send it to him) - it turns out that Apple doesn't sell the 2nd generation shuffles any more, they just sell the 3rd generation shuffles, which don't have any buttons on the machine. Instead, you click a button in the headphones and it "talks" to you in a machine voice. I figured Dan didn't need that complexity so I was going to find a used 2nd generation, instead.

Instead Dan sent me these two FIRST generation shuffles! I laughed - I can't believe that these things survived the beatings and sweat falling on them that I'm sure Dan has inadvertently given them, but they worked fine. I thought they were both 1MB shuffles, so I picked up the first one, upgraded the software, and started filling from my collection. I started at "A" and got to "L" and thought I'd just fill the second shuffle with "M" onward.

But when I got to the second shuffle 1) it turns out it was only 500MB not 1 GB 2) it turns out that most of the "heavier" music that Dan would want to run or train to is back-loaded to the far side of the alphabet. For example, when you hit "M", you now pick up the following bands (misspelling because I don't want the traffic)
- M*stodon
- M*tallica
- M*gadeth
- M*nistry
- M*se
- M*tley Crue

I guess I inadvertently stumbled upon something else - bands that wanted to sound heavy may have selected the "M" for their band more than other letters, perhaps because it sounded more "Metal". Don't know, perhaps someone in a liberal arts school is doing a PHD thesis on this right now.

So in the end I filled the 500MB shuffle and just went back and re-did the 1GB shuffle with everything I missed and sent them on to Dan and I hope he likes them. People who I know were laughing when they saw me walking around with these first generation shuffles (I was listening on the way to and from work to see if I liked the mix, then went back and changed them) because you hardly see them on the street at all, anymore (never, in fact).


Dan from Madison said...

haha! These things were cutting edge a few short years ago. Oh well, I am good for several more years now.

johnnyj said...

*mmmm...Modest Mouse!?!

Carl from Chicago said...

I do like Modest Mouse

But not good music for running hard or training to punish your opponent

Mark said...

Pink and lime green - very nice, Dan. Don't try to blame it on the wife and kids either.

Dan from Madison said...

I will admit I bought those, I found them for a buck at the dolla store.

Carl from Chicago said...

Hey Dan, how do you like the mixes?

Dan from Madison said...

Awesome I had forgotten that song ch+sey lain