Monday, May 03, 2010

Call Me Unhip. I do.

For a few years an Amstel Light television spot featured some catchy music and grabbed my attention. I liked it. I also like Amstel Light beer but not enough for me to make it on my list of bar calls. This television spot made me want to fly to Amsterdam, drink a few gallons of Amstel Light while riding on a self-propelled four-wheeled bicycle bar and do all those other things Amsterdamians do legally over there that are illegal over here.

That was one powerful marketing message to make me feel that way, I thought. Still, Amstel Light is low on my list for future beer purchases so maybe the spot didn’t work on me personally, failing to motivate me to make a purchase of Amstel. I noticed recently the same spot airs with a different soundtrack.

Recently I learned that the same tune is also used at Chicago Blackhawk home games on the PA system when the hawks score a goal. The folks who created the background music are called The Fratellis. The tune is titled Kelsey Grammer Chelsea Dagger. Never heard of them. Am I out of it or what? Like I care.

So I checked out youtube and watched the video from The Fratellis. I like it a lot. I like their tune and I especially like the visual subject matter in their video. Nice party-like tune.

But I could not help trying to figure out where I heard this tune before. Today I heard it on an oldies format radio station. It was a tune from the mid sixties that played often on rock radio stations back then. It reminded me of the newer Fratelli recording.

This also reminds me of when Geroge Harrison was sued for copyright infringement over a tune he recorded. George eventually lost over this:

The lawsuit claimed Harrison was guilty of recording and making a profit on a copyrighted tune he lifted. This is the one.

What a litigious sociery we have become. Going to court in order to gain huge settlements over crazy claims seems greedy to me. But who if anyone in power is attacking attorneys? Instead they attack Wall St. and "fat cat" bankers.

Our fearless leader made this statement recently, "I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

Do the greedy attorneys count as well? They should.


Carl from Chicago said...

Good catch on that Fratellis video! I know the song but never saw that before

Dan from Madison said...

Several thoughts. BOY do I hate that song Chelsea Dagger, but BOY do those guys know how to make a video. I often wonder in booty videos if they pay one flat fee to the modeling agency or if they have to pay each one individually - do they pay more to the stars of the video than the extras? I would assume so. Maybe some of them do it just to get on the video and hopefully noticed.

I have been hearing that song when the Hawks score a goal, pretty lame.

Amstel Light isn't too terrible if your choices are limited in a hotel bar or something.

I like this Fratellis song, but ymmv.