Thursday, April 08, 2010

Who Is My Favorite White Sox Player?

It’s no secret on the blog that I am a Chicago White Sox fan. See here or here.

Sox are now 1-1. Cubs are 0-2. Sure it’s way too early to tell but I would bet the Sox will finish with a better overall record.

If someone asked me who my favorite Sox player is I would not hesitate to say A.J. Pierzynski. Why? A.J.’s the smartest, most heads-up player on the field at any given time and handles pitchers as good as any other catcher. His arm may not be the best but he takes advantage of each and every situation to help the team win.

If someone asked me who my favorite Sox player was as a kid that would be easy. Nellie Fox. There was a big wad of ever present chaw in his cheek and he had a lot of hustle. My first glove was a classic Wilson A2000 like this one. Mine had a Nelson Fox signature burned into the small finger.

When the #1 Sox fan in D.C. was asked the same question which player do you think he picked?



Dan from Madison said...

ComiNsky Park. And that throw? Puhleeze.

Sk8 said...

That pitch was WAAAAY left. I'm Shocked.